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AeroBarrier price

Use the sliders below to fill in the information needed for the calculation. Additional explanations for each field are available by pressing the buttons with "?" sign.
Current building airtightness:
Floor area, m2:
Desired building airtightness:
Distance to Riga, km:
Type of heating:
Ceiling height, m:
Heating cost, €/kWh:
CO2 emissions, kg/kWh:

Approximate costs (ex. VAT): € 1334.89

Now, due to leakage per heating season, you lose:
AeroBarrier reduces this amount to:
Energy efficiency will improve by:
CO2 emissions will decrease by:
During the heating season, you will save:
Investment in sealing will pay off after:
In 25 years you will have saved:
4.49 MWh
0.90 MWh
17.96 kWh/m2*a
0.73 tonnām
€ 461.31
2.89 gadiem
€ 10197.86
Even if the financial benefits don't seem convincing enough, it's worth keeping in mind that reducing uncontrolled air infiltration means better comfort, longer-lasting buildings and reduced emissions.
Thank you, application received!

Why AeroBarrier?

Building sealing is a vital step in the construction of an energy-efficient, comfortable and long-lasting building. AeroBarrier technology offers even more:

Sealing of the building

Measurable result

AeroBarrier system measures air leakage in real time while the sealing works are in progress. After completion, a leak test is performed.

Air Sealant is durable, tested to 50 years of service

Long lasting

AeroBarrier X1 sealant provides durability in 3 key areas: flexibility, degradation and material compatibility tests simulating a 50-year lifespan.

Quickest air sealing of buildings

Fast installation

Installation of the seal takes 60-90 minutes. Another hour is needed to prepare and almost as much to clean the object.

Air seal to any level. Passive house or other

Seals at any level

AeroBarrier technology is automated and able to seal places that cannot be reached by manual methods. You can set the required level of airtightness of the building even before starting work.

Cost efficient air sealing. Increase building energy efficiency.


AeroBarrier sealing is an economically justified step that will pay off in the first years of building operation.

Safe, non-toxic formula of air sealant


AeroBarrier X1 the sealant is GreenGuard Gold certified with ultra-low volatile matter content. Other works on the construction site can resume already 30 minutes after sealing.

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